Music International And Our Vision

Music International And Our Vision

Here, midway through 2022, I wanted to just write a note about Music International and its vision. Since 2009, we have been stepping up to aid underserved musicians. We work consistently with those in Albania, India, and Burundi. Most of the musicians we serve are involved in leading or teaching other musicians, so our influence spreads even farther than it would otherwise. In our years, we have provided funds for guitars, guitar strings, bass guitars, amplifiers, entire drumsets, and keyboards. We have sent instruments and accessories off to Cuba, Mexico, Australia, the Central African Republic, and Puerto Rico. In 2020, the decision was made to simply send funds off to trusted individuals so that they could purchase what was needed in their home countries, instead of packaging up items that were purchased in the US. This has greatly cut down on losses that had been occurring through the mails. 

We also provide teaching and training. In-person training seminars have been held in India and Albania for many years, and online training has been done on a repeat basis for those in Burundi, as well as additional students in Albania. We have guitar and voice training available. 

As Music International, we believe lack of availability or funding should not be a barrier to a passionate musician. Thank you for your support and involvement.


Jeff Rockwell

Founder, President