When I was struck with the reality of musicians in need back in 2009, one of the first things I did was to begin a search to see who might already be working to aid them. There was only one website I was able to find which happened to be based in the Philippines that was set up to aid musicians…but it was no longer functioning. They had closed up shop. That was a strong indicator to me that it was time for musicians to again be supported.

The needs of musicians are quite hidden to most people. For a majority of us, we go to see and hear some live performance, enjoy it, and go on our way. But, do you know how much an electric guitar cable costs? Do you know how much a set of guitar strings costs? How many musical supply stores are there in northern India? Or anywhere in Albania? In the case of ordering strings, cables, and so forth online, how many companies ship their goods to Albania, Angola, Puerto Rico, or India? I have done the research and know that the answer is: none.

This is the reason I founded Music International. We are here to provide training and supplies, open closed doors and give a support base to musicians. There are several ways that you can support us as we support them. If you simply give financially, there is the incentive of income tax deduction. There is also the option of supporting us through Amazon Smile. This is a segment of Amazon that sells all the same goods you would find at the traditional Amazon site, but at this location, Amazon gives to us. We have a link right here on our site.

Please consider supporting musicians. They bring so much into our lives. We are here for them!

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June 1-3 was such a tremendous time shared with nearly 90 musicians. We were so glad to have made the sacrifices needed to do this! These are passionate musicians who have never had so much as a single voice, guitar, or piano lesson in their lives. The time spent here, as well as the relationships begun here, were all worth the time, work, and finances that our supporters poured into it! Thank you for your involvement! We ask that you consider further support for these musicians, and others like them We exist for this very reason: to provide training and equipment for those who have always lacked them. Your gifts are tax deductible, and very needed. Thank you very much!2016-06-03 21.20.002016-06-02 16.09.342016-06-03 10.57.362016-06-01 10.49.28

We are very excited and grateful to be returning to Albania to train and teach passionate musicians! We began our friendship with Albanian musicians in 2009, on our very first trip as Music International, and this will be our third trip. This time, our friend, Arben, has asked for us to help train and teach more musicians in the capital city of Tirane, from June 1 through 3.  Be sure to check back here often, as well as visit our Facebook page for updates! https://www.facebook.com/musicinternational.org/SAM_1112

When I think of all the nations of people around the world that are not allowed to think and function freely, it reminds me of just how large the vision is for Music International.

I envision bringing instruments into places like North Korea, Afghanistan, and Mali. I have seen with my own eyes some of the devastation and depravity that exist in the world, and there is nothing that moves me more than seeing amazingly skilled musicians being forced to go without necessary, good quality instruments.

There is a whole lot wrong with a country that does not allow its people, musicians and otherwise, to freely pursue their dreams.

We are working toward a world where there is provision instead of shortage and practical resources to match the skill that is already in place. Our desire is to bring a little more music into the lives of those who, through no fault of their own, are going without.