This year marks ten years that we have worked with musicians! We are very proud to be able to stand with those who need our support and friendship.

Musicians in Albania, Cuba, Puerto Rico, India, and so many other countries are experiencing a fuller, more meaningful life because we have been able to be there for them. Guitar strings, bass guitars, cables, lesson books, and so many other practical things that are often overlooked are now in the hands of these amazing friends. Training seminars and online conferences have also impacted the lives of musicians who otherwise would have no chance to improve their skills.

We are looking forward to the next ten years!

In October, we are going to India again to assist musicians and do more training. This is so exciting and invigorating for us! For several years, we have worked with musicians and music teachers in this amazing country, and really look forward to this new opportunity.

If you would like to support this trip, your gifts are income tax deductible. We truly appreciate your involvement! You can donate securely right here on our site.

We also have a musician friend in Albania who is in need of a new keyboard, after his broke down. He will be able to purchase one locally once he has received a little more funding.


The first quarter of the year saw us sending hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment off to Albania and India. Guitar strings, cables, a bass guitar, and microphones were some of the things we were happy to provide!

Since we started in 2009, we have been blessed to have given so much to our musician friends in multiple countries, including the United States. We really appreciate your support and your interest in what we are about!


In 2017, we were able to benefit musicians in three countries, and we are really grateful! Guitar strings, training materials, drum sticks, cymbals, and guitar repair tools are just some of the things we were able to gift to our musician friends.

Our trip to Albania( our fourth) was a great success. We brought $1000.00 worth of equipment and were able to distribute the items to everyone. Again, we are really grateful!

As well, a bass guitar was sent to Cuba, and an electric guitar was sent to India. These gifts were given with great joy, and yes, gratitude!

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